Sunday, 28 August 2011

Under the Weather

The weather is turning from possibly sunny with rain to rain with possible sun. I love it. I'm better at getting snug than I am at cooling down so it suits me.
As I'm on holiday, I've decided I'm ill. This is something that happens. For the first 10 years of my life I got ill during blackberry week (the first holiday of the winter term). I get stressy and survive and then I relax and crumble; it's fine. I've come to accept it about myself, beating myself up about getting ill is so two years ago.
My sicky treats (things I keep for when I'm feeling icky to cheer myself up, something everyone has, yes?) are as follows.

Number 1- 101 Dalmatians
When I was little we had a tiny telly with a VCR in my mam's room and when I was poorly I was allowed to hunker down in her big bed and watch this flickery black and white TV. So naturally, something that featured predominantly black and white animals suited this situation best. And the awesome songs.

Number 2- Chai tea
It hasn't always been chai tea, hot orange juice always made me feel like I was being looked after, then in later years tea became more dignified as I lay sniffing mournfully. I love tea, cammomile, early grey, the gritty black stuff I got from Tanzania, green tea, red tea, ooh tea! Part of the reason I want to get better at throwing. Right now though, chai tea. Phwaa.

Number 3- Pyjamas
I have a soft spot for pyjamas, I have an entire laundry bin full of em. They provide instant comfort and I'll never understand the people who wear them outside (girls in Liverpool thought it was a craze) totally wrong. I try to buy the sort of pyjamas I could look cute in, but a combination of chai tea stains, bed hair and, occassionally, craft supplies, means this dream will never be a reality. I will never be chic and sleepy. Confused/grubby and sleepy? That's me.

There are more things that make me feel better, bubble baths, murder mysteries, jelly, being patted on the head, flowers, sympathy, presents. I'm a simple gal and I'm off to have another cuppa tea and read Darwyn Cooke's The New Frontier that Daniel bought me yesterday. If that don't make me feel better nothing will.


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