Friday, 26 August 2011

In with the new

I can see the carpet in my studio now! Some combination of elements actually made a plastic bag decompose, I didn't know I had such skills. Impressive, eh? Finally have my notice board looking a bit more acceptable but I've not got as much as I'd usually like on it, since the clothes pegs started falling off I've had to get creative with wire and pins.

The view out of my window is nice and calm, occassionally through the summer the old folks house across the way plays old records outside but otherwise trees, traffic and rain. Might as well clutter it up with Donna Wilson cards, dry flowers and pieces of glass.

Couple of vintage finds that could probably use some more explanations, pictures from Tynemouth market and a lovely tea tray that I got to try and keep the tea apparatus at uni all in one place, seems a waste of such gorgeous patterning.

New things are happening over at Terracotta Lily, keep posted for new prettiness.

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