Friday, 5 August 2011

A little Brave

A couple of years ago I took a writing for children course with the fabulous Ellen Phethean, it was an amazing course and I got to read some great work. My contributions were, well, they were, oh look, some native Americans.

One of the exercises was to take a picture and write a story about them, I had a picture of two little braves and it made me write a story about two brothers, one who is really boistrous and the younger who's only a little brave. Gettit?
Then whileI was getting ready for the market on Sunday I decided to do some low-fired enamelling on pre-bought plates and after watching a wonderfully rubbish film on the iPlayer (Seraphim Falls? Something like that.) Anyway, it starred the wonderful Pierce Bronsan, as a cowboy. Yeah. Cowboy Bronhom.
Phwaa. A combination of these things meant that cowboys and indjuns seemed like a good place to start after doing all that heavy pattern work on sculpture. So that's what I gawn dun pardeners, I'll show y'all tomorrow, I gots me a man and some pizza that need lookin' afta. Be seein' ya.

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