Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Roses grow from poo

It's true, good things can come from $&!£ and the riots are just manure for the people of Britain. I'm not going to pretend to understand the causes, the timeline or the people involved. I'm not going to condemn kids who did this nor am I going to preach about people doing the same. I'm just going to celebrate all of the lovely things that Britains do when we're in a corner.
00:38 9/8/2011: Camden Town, London
Whether it's the couple who served tea to riot police, you can read their story here.
Or the people who showed up to clean up in the morning. The people who are trying to do something for the Malaysian man who was mugged.
Or the Operation Cup of Tea on facebook (trending on twitter) all about keeping people safe, saying 'no' and making sure people don't go all vigilante on the looters. There are more things happening on tiny human scales as well, that I obviously can't link to, but we all know it's there.
If you can think of any I've missed, just say.

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