Monday, 8 August 2011

The day after the market before

It rained. The lights were broken. And although I met a bunch of lovely people they were mostly stall holders rather than customers, which, is fine, I got some feedback that should help so lets crack on. Today I will be working through 'Craft Inc. Business Planner' from Meg Mateo Ilasco, it claims to be 'the Ultimate Organizer for turning your crafts into cash'. I got it at The Baltic Shop but I'm sure you can get it at other online stores.

And I'm looking for other markets, both for me and for everyone at Sunderland Glass and Ceramics to sell at to get to New Designers. Think I might be going to the North Tyneside indoor market on the 28th for some research, anyone know if it's any good? Oh, and thanks to Lucy Farfort's list of markets, it's a revelation, check it out here.

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