Friday, 4 December 2009


Part of this semester's work load is a project in architectural glass. That's glass structures that don't rely on kilns so stained glass leaded panels, coppered pieces (those god-awful Tiffany lamps) and UV glued pieces.
I've really struggled with the brief, just something that involves repetition and structure and today my lecturer said she'd let me off with a design that didn't have repetition in it as long as I was interested in the subject matter. I've done some sand blasting today to try and see if there's anything I'm interested in. I made some fairly nice gifty type things and a nice leaded panel but I still have no idea where I'm going despite shouting "Help" at my lecturer (literally) and suppose since my assessment is next Friday I'd better get thinking. A trip to Saltwell Park might help. Hope it does, I'm stuck firmly to the place that doesn't have any imagination, planning or ideas. S'poo.
I'll post photos once I've found the cable for my crappy camera phone.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Raku Adventures

Yesterday was yet another good day. If I'd have been paying attention, the fact that we were doing raku yesterday wouldn't have been a surprise but it was a lovely one. For those who don't understand what raku means it's all about reduction, oxidization and something else I've forgotten. It involves fire, dirt and sawdust, perfect for the first of December when it's all frosty and cold.