Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Found a fuzzy-ass picture of some raku I did last year, it's the only thing intact from the now long deceased camera, Sandy (so named because sand was almost definitely the cause of death). I like raku, it's a really instant way of glazing something in a truly beautiful way. You get imperfections, shiney bits where you never intended to get shiny bits and lovely textures all through using the kiln as a tool rather than a process. As a fan of salt-glazing and wood firing kilns I totally get this, fire shouldn't be seen as something we've already mastered. It's elemental. Thus it is an element, aint it?

I'm doing some more raku of thrown things this Thursday, if they're any good I might put em on the next stall we have if not, my gran will love them.

One of my lecturers is giving a talk on Korean and Chinese hand-building techniques so since the wheel has left me cold and bitter I might get my slab-builing on.x

Like a reindeer without a bicycle

It's Christmas time! My to do list is so long it's making me feel like Santa. Today I'm turning the vases I made yesterday but I've already mashed two up so I think it's time to give it a rest. When the going gets tough the tough check their emails and all that. I made some really lovely reindeers to sell at the stalls we've been having to raise money for our end of year show, the idea (an inspired one) was to glue twigs to their heads for antlers, cute, no? But they keep snapping off before anyone can buy one. I'm thinking of using copper wire instead though it might not be as festive as I'd like.
I'm off to Broomhill this weekend as is dictated by tradition. Last year it was all frosty, maybe this year it'll snow. I snapped this photo last year when it was all crisp and lovely.

My Grandparents house was my first home, so just thinking about being there makes me feel cozy. We'll have the dog this year, which means no loafing around after the Queens Speech but long wintery country walks followed by mugs (not tea cups, no matter how much I love em) of hot milky tea. Cannot wait.

Maybe I'll get a camera for Christmas if I'm really really good and take more ceramics photos, you'd never know I have a desk full of clay-y goodness to look at this blog.