Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Found a fuzzy-ass picture of some raku I did last year, it's the only thing intact from the now long deceased camera, Sandy (so named because sand was almost definitely the cause of death). I like raku, it's a really instant way of glazing something in a truly beautiful way. You get imperfections, shiney bits where you never intended to get shiny bits and lovely textures all through using the kiln as a tool rather than a process. As a fan of salt-glazing and wood firing kilns I totally get this, fire shouldn't be seen as something we've already mastered. It's elemental. Thus it is an element, aint it?

I'm doing some more raku of thrown things this Thursday, if they're any good I might put em on the next stall we have if not, my gran will love them.

One of my lecturers is giving a talk on Korean and Chinese hand-building techniques so since the wheel has left me cold and bitter I might get my slab-builing on.x

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