Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Concepts and cookies

Today was a busy-busy day. Meetings. Research. Coffee. Meetings. Tea. Catch up. Tea. Lots went on. But let us just pause and appreciate the wonder that is these cookies. I got the recipe online but have lost the where, and it was American, and my cups are never the size an American cup is so they probably aren't 'right'. It's not a unit of measurement, k?

I found that hedghog waiting for me at the Westoe fair, she's called Nettles. As a child, my mother never bought me teddies, said they're horrid. Now I'm a grown up, I can buy my own and everything.

And the plate's vintage Tupperware, I didn't even know they did ceramics, I love the plate. I love the cookies.

I may need to sit down.

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