Tuesday, 16 August 2011

As promised

I promised to do a post about the wood firing with Lois Maude Blacklock, Kahli Lee and Megan Randall so here it is.
It rained a lot whilst we were firing. It's hot work so sometimes it wasn't a bad thing, unfortunately, the fire wasn't even going here.

The sun came out but I didn't trust it enough to take my waterproof off.

The man with beard turned out alright, quite a big crack but interesting texture. Some of the work possibly underfired or maybe just had a little too much iron in the body (stoneware) and so went metallicy.

I had an awesome time with these ladies, they're hardcore and not at all afraid to sleep in sheds in order to have a good time.

Oh- and I nearly broke Lois's nose whilst rubbing charcoal all over her face, that smile, is the smile of a woman who is either holding in tears or planning my downfall. But you can't tell that because she's so purdy.
Oh again- mad photo skills are courtesy of Megan Randall, soon to be PhD.

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