Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Designers

I have been in London! Predominantly to go to New Designers to support Sunderland's third years and get some tips on why to go and how to go. That sentence nearly made sense. I'll do a proper post about it but now for some rubbish mobile phone photos. A-whooo!That's my man. He's tired, his idea of a great holiday is one where you walk for hours and hours and buy longboxes full of comics. So don't let his tired eyes fool you, he's loving it.

The view from our hotel (almost) a couple of steps along the road and we could see the London Eye and the Old Vic and all sorts. Waterloo was wonderful but did cue a weeks worth of me humming/singing 'Waterloo Sunset' have a sing along now, and you'll see why it irritated my man.

This. This. This offending piece of pastry had Daniel and me worried for an entire day of our holiday. It's a cannoli. A delicious Italian pastry. I'll give you a heads up though, usually, they aren't mouldy. They just are from this particular cafe and even there, they aren't supposed to have fur. So cue worrying about my Penicillin allergy and drinking vast quantities of water whilst Daniel googles and asks for help on Twitter, I didn't get ill, which was a nice surprise but it still makes me angry. I'll do a more upbeat London post in a bit because we had a really super time but gosh it's good to get home.

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