Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Avoidance technique number 1

Thanks to the panic that has decsended due to my wood firing plan being a driver down, I thought I'd not deal with it and do something else. Maybe a solution will drop out of the clouds. Here I have a vintage scarf and I want to do something fab with it because I'll just loose it otherwise. I have a couple of options.

Option number one
Display it in an emroidery hoop a la Poppytalk

Option number 2
Make a questionable pair of underwear like the brilliant Thrift-Ola
Option number 3
Make a chic patchwork quilt (something I think even sewing idiot me could do) using lots o vintage scarves. This is from the Craft Zine.
I could, of course, get on with tidying my studio and working on pieces whilst sorting out a lift to Keswick but that's unappealing. I'll decide by myself if no one says anything helpful.

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