Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Happy Camper

The great outdoors! This is my response to the IdeasTap brief on 'Camp'. Not 'On Camp' by Susan Sontag but on 'Camp'- got it? Good.
Modeled on the fabulousity of Miss Leah Dennis this piece was a breeze, a delight, lovely. And the first sitting figure I've made.
Now there's a true pal ladies and gents, not too rock and roll to cling onto a bottle of vinegar to pose for a friend. I hope you all have a Leah in your lives.
The slip I painted her skirt with was yellow when I put it on I swear, I didn't mix it up myself though so I suppose I shouldn't grumble. And it's pretty. But if anyone can explain the yellow-to-pink issue I'd be much obliged. She looks good in the tall grass, like she's at the beach rather than in my back yard.
Part of me wishes I'd made an entire set, but that feels like it could have gone a bit too twee so maybe this is best. She looks like a cheerful adventurer with her cuppa so I'm pleased. It was a real struggle to get her finished in time for the deadline, I was teaching myself how to do something new and it didn't really pan out, you'll note that her legs aren't in the picture? That's because they dried out too fast for me to hollow out so would have crumbled had I tried and exploded in the kiln if I didn't. So I left them out. I suppose I should take another whack at it, get the skills and all that. If anyone knows how to build proper armatures that would be handy, I make big wadges of plastic bag and model around those, which is fine for things like this but for more intricate things I think I may have to break out the glue gun.

You know what they say, no one gets better without criticism so roll up roll up, to punch me in my pride.x.

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