Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Figures, huh?

Reasons I couldn't live in London? Number one would be the Victoria and Albert museum. It's just too amazing. I visited on the 29th and although I was supposed to go to the Tate Modern on the 30th somehow I couldn't go anywhere but back to the V & A. I got lost inumerable times but the wonderful collection of ceramics on the top floor overwhelmed me and I got in some great time with some amazing sculptures of figures.
Here are the wonderful Gabriel.
Who doesn't love a bit of allegory?The lovely Truth who ripped out the tongue of Deception and pushed off his pretty mask to reveal he was a bit of a minger. Along with a bit of my budgeting skills.
These two are...well, one of them is a man and the other is a Pharaoh. The man had a really feminine vibe that I wanted to capture. I was looking to find the crumbly texture of the Pharaoh but was distracted by a guide of the British Museum entitled 'The Bible Tour'. I would have thought that would be a tour that simply pointed out items that had some sway over the Christian faith but sounded more like 'This was made by unbelievers, Jehovah said to destroy them, so if you turn to verse 10..." really odd.
I liked doing some drawing, if anyone wants to pose all nudey for me so I can do more, lemme know.x

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