Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Makin' Babies

So in March I wrote a brief to do with tea and rebellion. The only idea I came up with was to host a tea festival, with an actor playing guide. I wanted to (tenuously) play on the aspect of giving people tea as nurturing and mothering so the guide would be preggo. She would have a ceramic baby up her jumper than would fall out and smash.

This is that baby.

I named her Diana, after Wonder Woman, a famous mud baby. I got carried away with her, I’ve never modelled a person before so lots of lessons got learned. Like, let them dry out massively or they will explode in the kiln. Sad face.

So before I knew it, I was making baby number two. Lilith. Not an homage to me, but to the Jewish first woman. The myth of Lilith came about through a desire to unite some disagreements in the story of creation. In story number one, Ev

e was made of dust, i.e. she was Adam’s equal. But by story number three Eve was made of Adam’s rib i.e. she was his leftovers. So the obvious thing to do is make Adam another wife, so Lilith was believed to be Adam’s first wife made, like him, from dust, with whom he did not get along with for a number of reasons, one of them being that she wouldn’t take the submissive position in sex. Lilith spoke the name of God and there are arguments about what happened after that. Either she spawns thousands of demons, preys on young boys before they’ve been circumcised or becomes the paramour of God. Either way, she’s pretty kick ass, no? Here she is.

On her side...sorry bout that. So, needless to say, I’m no longer looking at the tea ceremony.

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