Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sundae

Daniel and I have managed to wake up on Easter Sunday without any easter eggs and the prospect of having to leave the house to get some. But before we do that I thought I'd share a yummy recipe for ice cream I found in Delicious Magazine. I wish I had a camera, it's a beeyootiful colour. It's sort of an italian colour, if you get what I mean? Or a 1950's colour, like the car on the left.
Can you taste it? Ooh it's lovely. And all you need is to blitz together natural yoghurt, frozen raspberries and icing sugar to taste. You could use double cream if you wanted to be overly decadent but the yoghurt version is just as yummy. And then you can practically eat it out of the blender. Chocolate brownies are good with it, sometimes a brownie is really cloggy and makes you feel greasy, this ice cream cuts through it and lets it sing. Try to eat it all fresh rather than having to go back to the freezer and whip it, it's a dull task but otherwise it turns into a big old frozen block. So eat it fast, you have a legitimate reason.

But seeing as we don't have any left, any ingredients or easter eggs it looks like I'm gonna have to make myself presentable and buy some goodies from the corner shop.

Oh- and if you're gonna make that ice cream, eat it out of something blue, like these beautiful Latte Bowls from Anthropologie it just works.


  1. Will so have to try that one. I've attempted lemon sorbet in the past but without a mixer or blender my arms soon became sore.
    Sounds like with a bit of brute force this one could be attempted with my little hand mixer.

  2. Frozen raspberries are reasonably smooshy yeah, so you might be able to get it up to a bit of a paste by hand. Good luck!