Monday, 28 February 2011

Coffee Mourning

There were two parts to my Japanese wood block inspired piece, this is much better than the other one. I may accidentally drop the other one down a long flight of stairs and into a skip.

This piece was meant to reflect how if something is lovely, then you don't consider yourself to be manipulated. So these pieces were chained down to an antique tea trolley to see if the participants would challenge the status quo.

As you can see, the jasmine tea stained them really weirdly. The glaze was a bit thin so I think there was a bit of a reaction with the body itself. So we all gathered round to drink yummy jasmine tea out of pearly tea bowls that had our names carved into them and not one of these free thinking, raidcal artists undid the copper wire tying bowl to chain. They politely said thank you and put down their cups and left.
Some say this has something to do with the very nature of tea, that it makes people more aware of social rules because there are certain rules they have to follow. I think it might have something to do with how nice my colleauges are. (Read 'nice' as 'pansy-ish').

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