Monday, 24 January 2011

Jar Head

I've just finished a module on print in glass and ceramics, this, is the end product-

It's based on a combination of things, the Nag Hamadi jar which was believed to contain lost gospels which were permanently lost after the people who found it in the 50's burnt them for heat. It has a lot to do with time capsules and Indiana Jones since if you owned it you would become it's guardian.

I tried to harness the type of images you would see on post or on your tax return to give it a bit of international symbolism and seriousness (totally a word). The text on the side isn't very readable due to it being in sharpie but it reads;

'Not to be opened until- race is no longer an issue.'

You're not gonna find out what's inside unless you make racism a thing o' the past, so serve you're curiosity and give peace a chance.

Or give me a lolly-pop and I might be persuaded to let you in on the secret.