Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Silent Auction

This June a group of twelve students from the University of Sunderland Glass and Ceramics BA course will be exhibiting at New Designers. It's a massive deal for us, it's our first exhibition outside of university and means we'll have a chance to showcase our work to hundreds of people.
Like all things, it doesn't come cheap. For the most part, we're putting our student loans to task and funding things ourselves, but the reality of the situation for most is that they can't do it by themselves. We've put together a silent auction with work from our class and work donated by UoS practicing artists. If you can't get along to this amazing event then here's a chance to get involved.
Lot no. 1-Jeffrey Sarmiento- Police, waterjet cut glass
I'll be posting images of work for sale through our silent auction here, and if you're interested in bidding, email me at with which items you're interested in, how much you'd like to bid and your contact info.

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