Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lot 13, 26 & 27- Jenna Barcroft

Lot 26, Jenna Barcroft Autumn Leaves, print on paper with frame, 2012

Lot 27, Jenna Barcroft, Cool Leaves, print on paper with frame, 2012

Lot 13, Jenna Barcroft, Button shoes, ladies size 6 shoes with buttons, 2012
These pieces were donated by Jenna Barcroft, a level three student. Jenna's work is bright, vibrant and not at all limited to glass and ceramics.

Lot 26  Autumn Leaves is similar in form but not content to lot 27 (the second image ) Cool Leaves. These multi-layered prints are similar to the bulk of work Jenna will be exhibiting at New Designers.

Lot 13 are a pair of shoes with buttons embellished all over them, they're a ladies size 6 and completely wearable.

If you're interested in this piece either comment below with your contact details and your bid or email the same info to Like all the work on sale, the proceeds all go to getting level three students to New Designers in London. Happy Bidding!

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