Friday, 9 March 2012

Lily Daniel's Presents

Presenting my work to a crowd of my peers can be daunting. Distracting them with the task of making small figures was a real breakthrough. It meant I could chat away to people who were growing in understanding about what I was trying to do because they were trying to do it.
I don't like to present my work chronologically because my work doesn't really improve, with some people you can see clear thoughts and progressions of styles and whilst that might be true, I hate looking at old work. I'm done with it. Instead I compare myself to my favourite artists. By making a little checklist of all the things I admire and then seeing if I meet up to my high standards it means the presentation really means something to me. Because I really evaluate my work and refine what I think is important.
The figures the class made were beyond wonderful, really. Let's take a look.

Mike Holden

Helen Stafford

Someone deeply disturbed.

The innimatable Sylve Petrova who said to me;
"Not really a figure, but spheres are perfect."

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