Thursday, 15 March 2012

Preparation. Prep. Be prepared.

Tomorrow I'm off down South to the New Designers Prepare Day. Hopefully, I'll get some awesome tips on how to set up the booth and chat to some other student reps.
It's my birthday weekend too, I should mention that, I'm not just trecking down to London just for the love of my fellow students, there's some real selfish motives too. Like yesterday, I broke my favourite mug. And I happen to know London has mugs. Mugs in Liberty, mugs in Heal's, mugs at the Midcentury Modern show.
Beyond mugs, I heard Garth Clark speak at the National Glass Centre yesterday, he's writing a book about Ai Weiwei. Weiwei has been in my peripheral vision for a while, and like most things that would do me good, I've ignored him. But Clark's talk about the 'ultimate showman' has got me all fired up to see his show at the V & A.
The V & A are advertising a residency at the moment. I call that cruel I do. Never the less, I'll go and I'll imagine a world where I can make terracotta people in that little glass cube and be asked questions by pensioners (the only real change to doing this in the glass centre and the V & A would probaly be the quality of comments, someone genuinly said to me once 'Not doing very well, are you dear?').
Beyond those plans I intend to stop for tea and cake every day I'm there and sketch everything like a mad fool.
In other news, another batch of little men survived a firing. This much good ju-ju is freaking me out, last year things exploded left right and centre, could it be, am I learning?

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