Friday, 30 March 2012


This week has been difficult. I haven't slept which means I've been a bit uncommunicative, so that's the main reason for the silence on the blog.

Best bits of this week were figuring out how to make the figures look more uniform and less like mud men. Other highlights include Daniel and I celebrating 6 years of being together, over a quarter of my life! The sun's been great. Knitting at the Tyneside cinema with Meg, lovely. Had a brilliant afternoon in the library, just thinking about things, honestly, just thinking.

Thought I'd share some links with you-
-One great reason to enjoy coffee
-Another chance to see this piece
-I joined pinterest this week!

In other news, I nearly bought a camera that wasn't digital this week, out of sheer confusion, and am sad that New Girl has finished or is on a break or some such nonsense, what am I supposed to watch with my Friday night burger?

Have a great weekend and head on down to the Newcastle Library on Saturday for some comicsy goodness with the Art Heroes crowd.


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