Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This is the year of me thinking about New Designers, for those who don't know, New Designers is a London trade show, it has massively high footfall and incredibly important people and prizes. It's no small deal, and it's no small target.
It means fundraising, some of our total for the degree show came from stalls, markets and silent auctions with the rest from food. Today I set up a table at St Peter's library in the University of Sunderland, it looked like this.

We have for sale, beautiful glass like these martini glasses.

My thinking was that people (men) would pick up trinkets for Valentines but I also baked cookies, wore a nice dress and looked at myself in a mirror today. Therefore it is with a massively sad face that I admit, we have sold, nothing. Nadda. Zilch. Zippo.
I get that the table is in a weird place (right beside a toilet and an exit so people aren't inclined to linger) but I'm now giving away delicious cookies as some sort of karma bribe to the universe. We have this spot booked for tomorrow, what the heck should I do? How can I improve revenue, in short, HELP.

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  1. Nudity. Always works. :) Or, I guess: ringers - get mates to kind of pretend to be customers and come and look at things and talk to you which encourages other folk to stop by and see what the fuss is about, or maybe some kind of competition or other interactive type thing that engages people without them feeling directly pressured to buy (but will snare their interest so that they do!). Also: sheer bloody-minded indomitability. Stay strong, you have fine products so have faith and hopefully the punters will see sense. Good luck!