Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hey Lloyd

Are you ready to be heartbroken?

Making people is an arduous task, it take s a lot out of me if I'm honest. It's a comfort to me that my desk is in a gloomy corner where few people can see me, since I'm pretty sure I've been making stoopid faces along with my little people. For example I was trying to figure out what someone would look like when they're angry, then five minutes later Lois started laughing at me since my face was a comical grimace of anger.

This is an early figure, she's a little sad and a little lost. And then to make matters worse I chopped her heart out. Even though I feel she's ever so slightly 'on-the-nose' and unsubtle, she's the figure that most people have been pointing out on my desk so I guess there's an immediate emotional connection to her poor little heartbroken self.

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