Saturday, 18 June 2011

Not sketching

This week I was supposed to sketch some shapes for vessels for my illustration buddy Jenny Cox to have a look at so she could think of some surface design concepts. It's been a weird week and now I'm nowhere near a scanner so...what to do?

I figure, I'll link her up with some other blogs, artists and such so that she can see what I think is awesome so we can come up with something super-duper mint and become prize winning artist designers. Flawless plan.

First blogs first, let's head over to Jonathan Adler, American Maximalist whose bold, sexy almost classical designs make me want to be a better person and a better potter.

Let's move along to the work of Kitty Shepherd whose blog I've only just started to read. Again we've got some classical forms here but her decoration is totally different from Adler;s work, it's that kind of cluttered, over the top Grayson-Perry-y post modern funk that totally uses the whole pot.

Kitty Shepherd vase

Something completely different? How's about the man who made me want to be a ceramicist? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Takeshi Yasuda.

I know, I know, right? The movement, the jucie-ness of the glazes, gorge-ous. Contemplative, involving and technically breath taking.

Awh, he's lovely. I don't know if I could ever be that lovely. But I'm willing to try. And, a little out of left field is Kiki Smith, who seems to be stalking me a bit. A lecturer of mine recommended I look into her work. i nodded and smiled and had no intention of doing that. I don't like to take inspiration from the people who surround me, ownership of my work is tricky for me. Then I'm flicing through a book and see something striking and it's a Kiki Smith piece and then it happened again. She's haunting me!

Kiki Smith Lilith

Great thing about Smith beyond everything? How people react and write about this stuff, she really gets people's pulses going.

Oh- and that picture is supposed to be that way round.

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