Monday, 13 June 2011

Creatively Moribund

Having finished university for the year I thought I'd rest up and thenget started on some projects that I wanted to get done. Little things, like making this blog look better, photographing my work somehow, getting some none-brief work made so I can wood-fire again this summer. But I just can't get into gear.
I got some feedback that I need to do more research which is probably fair does, it didn't used to be. I used to be the research queen, I could drop names and movements and all sorts to do with my ideas but it wasn't getting me anywhere so I stopped. Last b
it of work I did I just had an idea and made the thing. I didn't sketch it out or research all that much and although aesthetically it was alright, beyond that it ended up being a bit vapid. So...hard work here we come.

I was meant to go to uni and throw today, get in a bit of practice for when I'm a penniless potter but then I thought I should go to the library first and learn from my lessons. And now it's 7:30 and all I've done is read, watch telly online and sketch. Do you own a copy of 'Making Contemporary Art; How today's artists think and work' by Linda Weintraub? You totally should. I've never read it, I've read many little bits of it because as soon as you open it you go 'Ooooh! That gets me thinking...' and rush off and well...make contemporary art! So today I opened it at the 'Sourcing Inspiration' section as I feel so empty of ideas it felt like the best place for me. And I read that inspiration is;

'the deity within us who breathes that divine fire by which we are animated.'

Spoken by Ovid, who sounds pretty smart. Considering Mr Ovid's wise, wise words that resonated with me (the idea of a little person who breathes fire would appeal to most potters who make little people and play with fire) so I started to try and imagine my muse. My little person. I did this with lots of googling and Jaime Hernandez's biography by Todd Hignite 'The Secret of Life and Death' and here she is ladies and gentleman, my lazy ass muse, Suzie.


Get up? Or go back to bed?
Go back to bed.

She's pretty awesome even if she's frustratingly unmotivated. Just like me.

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