Friday, 21 October 2011

Headache and a half

Ever get the feeling your head is being slowly squeezed by something wet and cold? No? Lucky you.
Why do I have a head ache?
1- I've not been for a run for a couple of days and my endorphin thingies musn't be doing what they're supposed to.
2- I realised at around 5 in Newcastle that I hadn't eaten any lunch so popped into Marks and Spencer and had some over seasoned chicken that's making me feel ick.
3- And balancing is something I suck at, there are some people int he world who can spin plates, juggle, whatever kind of circus metaphor you'd like but I'm not one of them. Focussing one one task is one of the only things I can do sufficiently.
4- I've lost the tiniest bit of weight so my trousers don't fit so well and I've been walking round with a piece of blue wool holding them up.

I'm not a migraine sufferer, I rarely get headachey but when I do it's nearly always a cold or dehydration, this time, two in one go. Lucky girl, eh?
But I have something to look forward to. Tomorrow I'll be at Bill Quay farm, a fine community farm, selling glass and ceramics at their farmers market. It may be perverse, but I'm well and truly excited, I'll be spending the day with wonderful students and all chilly and autumnal and lovely!
I will be bringing some cash just for hot chocolate and a well worn set of thermals so it should be lovely.

The year group are getting closer to raising all the money we need and I'm incredibly glad for an opportunity to fundraise using our actual trade as opposed to bake sales. Although I'm baking this, this and some mystery stuff from Sweet Paul magazine for Monday mornings Art History lectures too, let's see how that turns out.
Time to take some paracetamol and drink my body weight in water.

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