Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Watching the Detectives

I'm writing my dissertation. Supposedly. I keep getting stuck and throwing in the towel, which, seems to be working quite well. I give up, start looking up what qualifications I'd need to become a builder or air hostess and suddenly solutions come to me. Here, are some of the things I've been doing while the towel is firmly thrown in.

1. Reading
Somehow, when one reads the utter garbage that some art historians pump out (or worse yet, artists, they shouldn't be allowed near a pen) one finds renewed pleasure in reading real literature. I've got a copy of Darwyn Cooke's The Hunter which Stace Whittle be-loaned to me, lully lully grimey stuff. A copy of Rachel Johnson's A diary of The Lady her memoir of her first year as editor, gosh it's nice to read about busy people. Makes me feel virtuous. And Michelle Ogundehin's new blog is keeping me chirpy too.

2. Running
Yup, I started running earlier this year but my trainers stopped being classified as shoes and more as concepts so I had to bow out till I could get some decent running shoes. I'm now the proud owner of a hideous pair of shoes that look like they were designed by a five year old with a penchant for rockets and my little pony with easy access to lots of netting. I'm knackered but it's neccessarry.

3. Worrying
I'm going back to my final year, soon this blog will be filled with deadline anxiety and concern over whether what I'm doing is the right direction for me etc etc. My nerves frazzle at the thought. I'm going to be fundraising for our degree show and trip to New Designers and I'm gonna be keeping a record of it here, so I can look back and (hopefully) say it was worth it/easier than I thought it would be/fun. Gulp.

In the meantime, here's a plate I enamelled for budy o' mine Abi Haynes 6 month babe, Charlie Georgie Kal-El (yes, like Superman) Haynes. Glad it fit on the plate.


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