Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Scandi charm

Totally forgot that one of the things I've been indulging in in order to not do my dissertation is the stunning The Killing it's beautiful. I've been watching the American version on 4od and the Danish version on iPlayer and enjoying both. It's unusual for me to enjoy modern crime dramas, the forensic shows never really got me and the others didn't stand up to Marple so here are my reasons for enjoying this loveliness.

Check out that jumper. Seriously, it makes all the broody-ness even better. That's the Danish version, this, is the just as hardcore machine knit detective Linden.

But seriously, the whole project is handled with so much more kindness than regular crime dramas that don’t care enough about the victim. The Killing deals with all the trauma and grief that loosing someone creates and makes the whole debacle of the investigation feel awkward and desperate in it’s wake. It’s not about who killed Rosie Larsen, it’s about the fact that someone did and how hideous that is.
Don't get me wrong, I want to find out who did it, but that's what's so interesting, I don't want to find out if I'm right, I'm not curious, but I want to know. I'm sure there'll be a box set but I'd get in while it's still online.

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