Monday, 8 March 2010

May contain Japanese words

I know most of the people who subscribe to this are comics people and not ceramics but what the hey? I'm sure you love me broadening your horizons and all that. In comics related news Daniel and I seem to be making headway with the podcast and the comic and aren't ripping each other to shreds which is reassuring. I'm trying to find a demo I bought ages ago at a Pelle Carlberg gig for the music and that anthology so I can facebook the songstress before the deadline, fingers WELL crossed on that.
I've been doing something totally out of my comfort zone at the moment, hot glass is grueling and incredibly demanding, but ridiculously satisfying. I'll lug out some photos of my 'wool' that I took in the Lake District, the brief was to make something based on objects made by roatations, head against desk moments ensued.
Illustration has been a real let-down. I'm used to going to class and learning skills, I'm pretty sure that's not a misnomer. Apparently in illustration it is, I'll leave with a little more confidence and a chip on my shoulder which wasn't the aim at all.
I'm looking for a summer project in ceramics at the moment. Daniel vetoed a month in New Jersey with Takeshi Yasuda and an anagama kiln so I'm looking for something else, no success yet but I'll keep you posted.


  1. I've got a copy of that demo if you can't manage to find it!

  2. Just her name, can't remember/find her name! If ever I give you back your Scott Pilgrim's we could swap but just her naaaaame would be good right now.

  3. Who do you do illustration with?

  4. Donna something. She's real nice and I don't blame her at all (just so we're clear) it's probably all my own fault.