Thursday, 28 January 2010

Glitter and glue

I haven't updated for a while, haven't had any of the things necessary really. News, photos, time. Now I'm waiting for my news to print off so I have a little time. I'm away from the glass centre at the moment, doing work for my illustration elective, I'm enjoying the nauseating sweat of a deadline on flip-books as I type. I've managed to wangle stop-animation in to my project so I can try loads of different stuff, here's a still I took today.
She's meant to be at the circus, fairly tenuous connection really. I've started hot glass and kiln glass, if anyone wants to see me blow bubbles then come by the glass centre on a Tuesday morning and watch in terror as I play with hot molten glass. Kiln glass is being slow and dull and I hate the brief, it's very high concept for something I've only ever done once. Missing ceramics like a pouty child, was supposed to go on a field trip to the lake district and do some wood firing (doesn't sound exciting but it really and truly is) but there weren't enough people. Pouty pouty pouty.

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