Wednesday, 20 June 2012

We have a winner!

Below is a report from the wonderful Philippa Abbott of Phileigh's Cakes. Phil is the best friend a gal could have, she sent me this knowing that I would be going crazy not knowing what was happening at the degree show. Enjoy her account of the night, I know I did.

Hi Lil!
Well we arrived to find a mass of people in the foyer of the Glass
Centre which was not what we were expecting. It was jam packed!
Unfortunately we missed all of the talk about how amazing you all are
and missed you getting your prize. But Daniel told us all about it and
I have to say that I was not at all surprised! You deserve it! We
walked through the glass history exhibition not really knowning where
we were being taken but were amazed when we saw the room! It was
beautiful, and full of amazing art.
I told my Mam to "Look out for terracotta" to which she immediately
responded "There!" and there were your lovely little men on the floor
sitting in their circle. We were totally amazed at them and spent so
much time looking at all their faces. We wondered what was going
through your mind when you did them but as soon as we read the little
blurb about it in the catalogue we totally understood it! It wasn't
long before I saw people pointing and commenting and taking loads of
photos! My Mam was a little worried about them getting hurt because
they were quite vulnerable on the floor, but her threat to kill anyone
who knocked them didn't have to become reality! We met your Mam who we
chatted to, and as usual my Mam told her how lovely you are and how
much we loved your piece. Then we saw Daniel who told me all about how
poorly sick you are, which made me sad. But I was plesantly surprised
to hear that he seemed to be taking very good care of you which made me
a lot more settled.
I recognised some of the names on the pieces and some of the faces I
saw around and about. Some of our other favourite pieces were Alice's
birds, Helen's wall piece with the black pictures on clear glass, Emma
Hollin's piece, Emma Evett's piece which we decided we would like as an
ornament and Julie's pots and jars were also lovely. However, all of
you clearly put a lot of work into your pieces and each was fantastic
in their own right.

It is safe to say that all your efforts and hard work paid off and
everyone was amazed at the work you guys had produced and were
thoroughly enjoying themselves. You did yourself and everyone else
proud! I appologise for not being the best photographer on planet earth
but I hope you can see that your piece looked amazing and that there
were a lot of people there to see it. Well done Lil! Love you! xxxxx

I think it's only fair to say that Philippa obviously wins one of my little men for her sheer awesomeness. Today and tomorrow are the last days you can see the show, get on down to the National Glass Centre!

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