Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Food and Film Wednesday

This Christmas I gave my mother a fairly unique gift, several vouchers for a food and film night. The plan was simple, we'd watch a film and eat food that in some way related to the film. So we watched When Harry Met Sally and ate pastrami Reubens. But for the most part, we ate what we felt like and tried to shoe-horn a film theme into it.

 Not tonight, tonight we watched the seminal, the celebrated, the legendary Face/Off. For those of you uncultured enough to not know what I'm talking about, this cinematic masterpiece features the twin talent of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. The pair, for reasons of plot that literally, aren't worth going into, swap faces. There's a minimal amount of science and reason and then a whole heap of over acting. It's kind of amazing.

 But- dilemma- what does one cook to go with a film in which two people exchange faces through a transplant that seems to mainly be conducted with plungers?

 Well, pie. Obviously.
This is the pastry version of Nicholas Cage, yet there isn't really enough pastry in the world for that chin.
And then the pastry version of John Travolta, complete with cinnamon quiff in homage to his perfomance in Grease.
Then, voila! One chicken and leek, one apple, celery and chicken pie.

 "I want to take the crust... off!"

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  1. um.... ah. there's something not quite right about this...