Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A few thoughts on cemeteries

My dissertation is due in soon so naturally I'm writing a blog.
I could tell you about how I hate academia sometimes and just wish I could sodding well make pots but truth is, I like research. I like reflection and somehow this year I've been able to use my research time as a way of making my work better. Huzzah! Ultimate success!
My dissertation is about how Christian approaches to representing the figure have affected how artists approach the figure. And one massive thing I've come to see quite clearly, is that art in cemeteries is amazing. True fact. It's full of passion, soul and personality.
I sort of fell in love with Oscar Wilde's tomb, it was designed by Epstein and it's gorgeous, in a very Wildian way. What I enjoyed so much about it was all the pilgrims who came to the tomb and left lipstick kisses, and then I read this article, and found out people aren't allowed to do that anymore.
Which seems to me to be totally missing the point of a grave, they don't stop people leaving flowers at other graves, Wilde's fans just happen to be a bit bonkers and want to kiss a massive stone angel. Where's the harm?
I'm sure Epstein would have minded this much less than when plaques were attached to cover the angels genitals or when it was simply covered with a tarpaulin because it was considered too risque.
Poor romantic fans, they just want to show that Wilde is no longer the outcast, or if he is, he is king of the outcasts! King Oscar!

Wonder if anyone will kiss my gravestone for me...

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