Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Plaster Turning

Plaster can be a bitch. It sticks right into your skin so you're dry and horrid for days, it sticks to itself and it either falls apart or forms massive slabs that have no relation to what you wanted.
I made a big chunk o' plaster, put it on a laithe, formed a nice tapered shape and made a mould in plaster of that shape. It's massive. It took about 24 lbs of plaster to make so I have to call reinforcements whenever I want to move it and it won't come out of the sodding mould.
I get that none of you will be able to help with this conundrum and also know I probably didn't lube the original plaster shape up enough but basically I now want to run and hide. Think I might just do that.
In other news- comics are still mint and make me excited and hopefully I don't have glandular fever.
That is all.

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