Sunday, 22 November 2009

Thought Bubble

This weekend Daniel and I went to Leeds (and saw most of you there) it was lovely and proved three things to me:
1) Daniel's not as big a geek as is humanly possible. In the words of Simon Pegg compare to some geeks he looks like a charv (except he says chav and I say charv).
2) I do actually like comics. So often I feel like I'm just aroung to carry Daniel's bags but I got so excited over some titles in reinstated me as a fan.
3) The wonderful people of the Paper Jam Comics Collective are some of the best people in the world. It'd have been a nice weekend without you people but let's face it, you're all pretty mint.
Bought some lovely things including this print from Octavia Raitt who freaked me out by having an illustration of (seemingly) me burning my arm on the steam from a kettle the day before. I got a heap of Love and Rockets and some small press stuff that so far has been on the dissapointing side if I'm honest. OH- did anyone catch the name of a guy selling prints based on little red riding hood, small, glasses, same isle as most of pjcc? Didn't think I could manage such a lovely delicate thing through Leeds so may have lost out forever.
I really enjoy listening to practicing artists talk about their inspirations and struggles but have two complaints from the experience.
I like Bryan Talbot. His art is always intruiging even if in the form of a glorified tourist guide. And although some of his points on how he uses panel formation to direct the eye was really interesting other points were very self congratulatory and when he slated Agatha Christie I could have thrown my copy of 'Murder at the Vicarage' at him.
And the 'premier' of Mainstream Geek was underwhelming. Because you can see it here. Youtube does not a premier make, especially when accompanied with a yorkshire-man playing geordie star wars as a kind of b-movie to it because they couldn't find it for a while.
But I should reitterate that it wasn't all about comics. Oh no no. It was about German christmas markets, roast chestnuts that I kept demanding, massive maple leaves littering Leeds (try saying that three times fast) and some amazing art including some lovely pots by Bernard Leach, Grayson Perry and that woman whose name I always forget who makes lovely unbalanced pieces. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and that the rain only ruined your hair.x

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  1. Grayson Perry? Bratwurst? Comics? Mint weekend.